All about a floating flooring installation

All about a floating flooring installation

Chances are pretty good that you'll be met with a big smile when you mention a floating floor installation. The professionals love these because they're so quick and easy. You'll love them, too, because they tend to be less expensive.

Consider this technique if your new floors are luxury vinyl, laminate, waterproof flooring, or engineered hardwood.

What’s a floating floor?

The pieces join together and mat. The mat then hovers over the subfloor without nails or adhesives. Subfloors need only be clean, dry, and level.

It's also similar to loose lay. Again, the pieces hover, but they're kept in place using friction–not glue, nails, or a clicking mechanism.

Easy to move

One of the significant advantages is that the pieces can be easily picked up and re-installed. This is another way the floating floor saves you money

Is acclimation necessary?

Our flooring store advises this pre-installation process when floors float. Acclimation enables the floor’s moisture levels to align with your home.

Even the slightest movement can throw the surface off balance. Moisture can also wreak havoc with the clicking mechanism. You won't want to take chances with your investment.

What about underlayments?

Underlayments provide stability, and they're always advised for laminate. They also add cushioning and make it more comfortable on which to walk or stand.

There is no need to buy underlayment if your flooring has an attached one. However, the staff at the flooring company will advise if you need one and, if so, what kind.

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